El trabajo del Dr. Cortés puede solo explicarse mejor a través de cientos de revisiones de pacientes felices.

Revisado por T. • Fuente: Vitals • 27th May, 2022

After baby number two, my breasts lost their elasticity and it hit my self-esteem. I love swimming but I started avoiding it due to my appearance. I sought help from Dr. Cortes and he got my boobs back to pre-birth firmness. Thanks, doc.

Revisado por V.F. • Fuente: Vitals • 26th May, 2022

I booked a breast procedure and when D-Day came, I found them waiting for me. No time wasted. Everyone was very friendly to me too.

Revisado por T.Y. • Fuente: Vitals • 25th May, 2022

I got my breast implants at Rejuvenus Aesthetics and it went just like I expected. I was welcomed by some very friendly staff and Dr. Cortes gave me the perfect breast size with no medical issues arising.

Revisado por S.M. • Fuente: Google • 24th May, 2022

My divorce hit me in the head like a ton of bricks, I felt old and undesirable and I wanted a second chance. Dr. Cortes helped me with this. I got a breast augmentation, but also lipo and TT, fat transferred to the hips. It changed how I look and how I felt too. It was 100% worth it, all the effort, the money, 100%.

Revisado por E. • Fuente: Vitals • 21st May, 2022

For 25 years I struggled with self-esteem issues due to small breasts. This went on until a close friend told me to talk to Dr. Cortes about breast enlargement. It was a life-changing move. Since undergoing the procedure, everyone looks at me differently, and I feel much better about myself.

Revisado por E.B. • Fuente: Google • 21st May, 2022

Dr. Cortes delivers on everything he promises, I was impressed with his patients results and I knew he could help me get a more voluptuous body. I got breast implants and fat transfer to the lips, lipo on the tummy. It was a complex procedure, and the recovery wasn’t a breeze, but I am happy with my body now.

Revisado por F.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 20th May, 2022

Besides Dr. Cortes expertise in breast augmentation, I found the staff at this facility to be very friendly and welcoming. I will send the word out guys, more people need to know about Rejuvenus.

Revisado por S.M. • Fuente: Google • 09th Abr, 2022

Dr. Cortes gave me a hotter body than I ever had. I kept hoping I’ll get my pre-pregnancy body back after a mommy makeover and he said, well, you’ll be impressed and I so was! I got breast implants, but small ones, just to get some volume where I had none before and get a rounder shape. And a TT with lipo, fabulous work!

Revisado por R.N. • Fuente: Google • 02nd Abr, 2022

I wasn’t really aiming for Hot when I went in to see dr. Cortes, but more like for a normal. After giving birth to four huge babies, I thought there is little hope left for me. Dr. Cortes gave me a breast lift and a tummy tuck with lipo and did some work on the muscles. Now it’s wow all the way! Feeling fortunate to have met him.

Revisado por L.S. • Fuente: Google • 31st Mar, 2022

It’s so disappointing to work so much to lose weight just to see how the breasts went down, the belly pouch won’t go away. This is where I was when I had the initial consultation with Dr. Cortes. He suggested the mommy makeover and I got breast implants, aside from the lift. The results are sooo WOW.

Revisado por S.R. • Fuente: Google • 25th Mar, 2022

Dr. Cortes and Jane and their entire staff was amazing! I was treated like royalty every time I walked in there.
I completed the wonder breast lift and when I tell you I was so nervous. Dr. Cortes and his team took time to explain everything thoroughly which calmed me tremendously. I showe Dr. Cortes what I wanted and he said he had me.. and when I tell you he far exceeded anything I could have asked for. You changed me life Dr. Cortes and I will forever be grateful to you. God bless you and your team!!

Revisado por J.H. • Fuente: Google • 03rd Mar, 2022

It’s never too late to change your life if you want to. This is what I did when I went in to see Doctor Wilberto Cortes soon after my 55th birthday. I got an hourglass tummy tuck and a breast lift. The recovery was a bit longer than what I expected, but everything turned out absolutely fabulous. Very happy to have chosen doctor Cortes.

Revisado por J.W. • Fuente: Google • 02nd Mar, 2022

The first time I saw Dr. Cortes was two years ago, I wanted a breast reduction but we discussed and a Mommy Makeover procedure was a better option. I wasn’t ready to get it then, my kids were too little. Now I am 3 months after my hourglass mommy makeover and I look and feel like a hot momma, like I always wanted.

Revisado por J.M. • Fuente: Google • 24th Ene, 2022

I went to see Dr. Cortes as a friend of mine recommended him. She was happy with the results of her Breast Augmentation. He helped me get a more feminine body shape, known as Dr. Hourglass. The doctor is kind and professional.

Revisado por C.B. • Fuente: Google • 22nd Ene, 2022

After the surgery, the shape and size of my breasts are ideal, more than I could have dreamed of. Dr. Cortes is a fantastic surgeon with a very good eye for aesthetics. Thank you very much. I will recommend him to all my friends.

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