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Revisado por S. • Fuente: Vitals • 01st Feb, 2021

I have been looking for a great doctor that I can trust with my breast implant. I have been very insecure about its shape and size. I interviewed 5 doctors, to find the best fit for me. I decided to go with Dr.Cortes immediately after speaking to him. First of all, his Facility is immaculate. Also, he was very informative, took his time with me and answered all my concerns. He made me feel comfortable and the Staff was super NICE

Revisado por R.U. • Fuente: Google • 17th Ene, 2021

I’ve been looking for years for the perfect Surgeon to redo my breast implants and for the first time tummy tuck. I got lucky finding Dr.Cortes, he a gifted talented Surgeon. He looks at you and see’s exactly what needs to be done. I LOVE the results it’s amazing I still can’t believe my body looks this good. His staff is beyond 5 stars, there compassionate caring people. I cannot thank enough Dr. Cortes he is the Michelangelo for sculpting a women’s body. I feel like a master piece.

Revisado por J.H. • Fuente: Google • 17th Dic, 2020

My daughter got breast implants at Rejuvenus Aesthetics and she seems really happy about it. For making my girl happy, I can recommend your services.

Revisado por D.W. • Fuente: Google • 12th Dic, 2020

You can trust the quality of their services. I have used their services for breast firming and with incredible results.

Revisado por A.N. • Fuente: Google • 30th Nov, 2020

They allowed me to pay in two installments and this helped me afford a breast procedure that I would otherwise not afford in a single payment.

Revisado por M.M. • Fuente: Google • 17th Nov, 2020

The breast enlargement procedure went well and Dr. Cortes stayed in touch until the surgery wounds were fully healed. His level of care is exceptional.

Revisado por A.P. • Fuente: Google • 08th Nov, 2020

The breast enlargement procedure went as expected, I will be back for a tummy tuck and butt augmentation for that perfect figure.

Revisado por B.H. • Fuente: Google • 02nd Nov, 2020

I loved Dr. Cortes bedside manners. He did my breast procedure and at no time did I feel uncomfortable.

Revisado por E.R. • Fuente: Google • 31st Oct, 2020

I booked a breast procedure and when D-Day came, I found them waiting for me. No time wasted. Everyone was very friendly to me too.

Revisado por E.W. • Fuente: Google • 30th Oct, 2020

I got my breast implants at Rejuvenus Aesthetics and it went just like I expected. I was welcomed by some very friendly staff and Dr. Cortes gave me the perfect breast size with no medical issues arising.

Revisado por D.H. • Fuente: Google • 26th Oct, 2020

For 25 years I struggled with self-esteem issues due to small breasts. This went on until a close friend told me to talk to Dr. Cortes about breast enlargement. It was a life-changing move. Since undergoing the procedure, everyone looks at me differently, and I feel much better about myself.

Revisado por E.K. • Fuente: Google • 25th Oct, 2020

Besides Dr. Cortes expertise in breast augmentation, I found the staff at this facility to be very friendly and welcoming. I will send the word out guys, more people need to know about Rejuvenus.

Revisado por P.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 26th Abr, 2020

Plastic surgery made easy and affordable and even fun, this is how I would say my experience with Dr.. Cortes was. I had a breast augmentation with him and the second procedure was an hourglass hip procedure. Both interventions went on just fine, the pain was more intense after the boob job, but he prescribed medication and offered lots of support and advices and got through it well. The hourglass hip procedure was much more easy and the results are stunning. It completely changed how I look and also how I feel about myself. Now I can say I have a body that I am proud of and I don’t bat an eyelash when checking out magazines with beautiful celebrities because now I feel that I look like one of them and I could be on the cover too 😊

Revisado por B.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 11th Abr, 2020

Getting my breasts done by dr. Cortes literally changed my life for the better. It was something that I was looking to do for many years, but never found the time or the money and after my divorce I finally had both the time and money and could eventually pursue my long time dream. I was considering going to Thailand for my surgery as some friend recommended, but I was worried about the long trip back home. Now I know it would have been a mistake and what I had with dr. Cortes was much better. Travelling too soon after an hourglass tummy tuck can be tricky, especially on the plane. Dr. Cortes prescribed pills and wanted to check up on my condition regularly and also told me to call the practice in case something occurs that we haven’t discussed or I don’t feel well. Highly recommended and I can’t wait for my next procedure with him!

Revisado por D.C. • Fuente: Vitals • 31st Mar, 2020

What was really special about my experience with dr. Cortes was that it made me feel valued and important in a time when I felt everything but this. I was during a divorce that didn’t seem to ever end but just sucked all the life force out of me, day after day. I was in a bad place, feeling bad and unwanted. Undergoing plastic surgery was the best thing I did for me and probably the only thing that actually did manage to get me out of the dark place and heading towards the light. The recovery was ok, but took about three months after my hourglass tummy tuck with breast implants, but it was not bad. After the surgery I got the courage to be myself and do what I wanted and never looked back ever since. Now I’m sure my ex regrets his decisions, but I certainly don’t regret mine!

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