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Revisado por A.T. • Fuente: Google • 27th May, 2022

To tell you I’m happy with my hourglass hip procedure would be an understatement. I’m soooo happy I got it. I just recently discovered Dr. Cortes on social media, it was on Facebook, and I thought, well, this is exactly what I want and I didn’t even know it has a name! Hourglass hip rocks!

Revisado por L.C. • Fuente: Google • 26th May, 2022

It took me two months to decide to book a consultation with Dr. Cortes for an Hourglass lipo, but I was sure I’m going to get it as soon as I walked in his office. It’s just something that made me think, yeah, he knows what he’s doing, I’m making the right choice here. And I did! Now showing off my body everywhere I get a chance!

Revisado por R.R. • Fuente: Google • 26th May, 2022

I was severely overweight and I managed to lose a lot of weight in like three years, but with the sagging skin I wasn’t happy with how I looked. After I stabilized my weight, I went to see Dr. Cortes and he recommended the Hourglass Mommy Makeover. The procedure was customized for my needs and I am very happy with the results.

Revisado por A. • Fuente: Vitals • 24th May, 2022

Everyone is literally so amazing here!!! I’ve always felt so welcomed by everyone and have received the best care and treatment possible. Thank you so much

Revisado por F.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 23rd May, 2022

One of the best body improvement clinics I know. The place is clean, and the staff is very friendly.

Revisado por T.Y. • Fuente: Vitals • 22nd May, 2022

Super friendly staff and very informative! Super pleasant experience! Thank you!

Revisado por T.Y. • Fuente: Vitals • 18th May, 2022

I have always wished to have bigger boobs and Dr. Cortes made it happen. He was friendly and did the procedure just the way I wanted it. I will forever be grateful to you for making my dream come true.

Revisado por M.C. • Fuente: Google • 26th Abr, 2022

Living my best life now, at 45 years old after getting a long due mommy makeover surgery with dr. Cortes. He was so very understanding and really delivered on all his promises, very good surgeon and very clear when he explains the details. I’d recommend him to anyone interested in a mommy makeover.

Revisado por M.M. • Fuente: Google • 22nd Abr, 2022

I had an hourglass hip procedure with dr. Cortes seven months ago, the recovery wasn’t difficult at all, but you just need to follow the recommendations and avoid all the things dr. Cortes says you shouldn’t do. The fat really stays and my body looks amazing now.

Revisado por S.L. • Fuente: Google • 21st Abr, 2022

Dr. Cortes gave me back the confidence in my body and in myself. I was worried I couldn’t get the results I wanted, I was worried the recovery is too difficult, he told me what to expect, when and how and it was just like he said. This made me confident to go on with the TT I had. Now I’m three months post-op and so happy.

Revisado por A.G. • Fuente: Google • 12th Abr, 2022

Great experience! Dr Cortes and his nurses are so nice and make the process easy. Love my results so far, excited to see what I look like in a couple of months! Their surgical center is pristine! Highly recommend Dr Cortes!

Revisado por M.C. • Fuente: Google • 10th Abr, 2022

After my divorce I was feeling bad and started to look like it too. My friend set me up an appointment with dr. Cortes and after a few minutes with him I realized I could really change me life with one simple move. I got the hourglass mommy makeover and it was the best decision of my life. Couldn’t recommend dr. Cortes more.

Revisado por K.B. • Fuente: Google • 08th Abr, 2022

He Is really good I went to him twice and love results!! there are many people talking bad about him but there are far more people that love his results ! I think they are lying about some things because In my experience I went to him twice and both times he was very professional (he wasn’t too friendly ) but he was very direct and honest , someone said they didn’t see him at all after surgery but I actually seen him every time he changed my gauzes and checked out my body after and was very happy with results , every one in staff was kind every time never had any issues , I’ve thought About getting Lipo somewhere cheaper but I’m scared that going somewhere else I’ll hurt after surgery ( after Dr Cortes performed on me I was numb and I was happy I could not feel a thing ) he gave me a lot of pre and post op instructions that helped a lot in very grateful

Revisado por S.G. • Fuente: Google • 05th Abr, 2022

Even if you have to travel for like four or five hours, it’s totally worth it to see dr. Cortes, especially if you want fat transfer. He is like the God of fat transfer in Houston and delivers results that I haven’t seen anywhere else. The curves are crazy and the fat really stays in, so good. I am recommending him and his team!

Revisado por L.J. • Fuente: Google • 05th Abr, 2022

Este ańo decidí mejorar mi cuerpo y con toda seguridad Recomiendo al Doctor Cortes, deposite toda mi confianza en el y estoy feliz con los resultados, desde el día 1 me sentí cómoda y segura, Hablan espańol
definitivamente es de los MEJORES CIRUJANOS en este país! Soy una persona muy exigente y el y su equipo de trabajo cumplieron todas mis expectativas
Anímate !!!
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