El trabajo del Dr. Cortés puede solo explicarse mejor a través de cientos de revisiones de pacientes felices.

Revisado por F.M. • Fuente: Facebook • 17th Oct, 2020

Very bad service, the doctor never answers the calls, even if you are literally dying. For some reason after surgery some bumps appeared in my tummy were the surgery was performed , he administered some injections saying that it will fix it, nothing happened, try many times to contact him but he never answered or returned my calls, the reason of my many calls is because I traveled from Arkansas to have surgery with, so before I scheduled an appointment I wanted to let him know about it and see if he want me to see me, but instead they told me if I had any questions I have to travel to have a consultation with the doctor. I suffered a blood clot in my lung and he knew about it , but he never call or check on me at least once. This doctor does not care much about his patients about after-surgery. The only one who cared about me, was her assistant Ingrid. She is a nice person. I have to have another surgery again to remove those bumps. Thank God I found a good doctor who helped me and care all the way. Many of you know, that what I say is true.

Muy mal servicio el doctor nunca contesta las llamadas aunque uno se esté literalmente muriendo. Se me hicieron unas bolas en el estómago a causa de unas inyecciones que me puso el. Y nunca atendió a mis llamadas varias ocasiones quise hablar con el porque yo viaje desde Arkansas a operarme con el y cualquier consulta que yo tenia solo me decían tiene que viajar tener una consulta con el doctor. Aparte como que al doctor no le importan mucho sus pacientes. Se me fue un coágulo al pulmón y ni siquiera me hablo para saber si estaba bien yo. La única que se preocupó por mi fue su asistente Ingrid. Ella si es una linda persona. Ahora me tuvieron que volver a operar para quitarme esas bolas que me salieron. Gracias a Dios encontré un buen doctor que me ayudó. Muchas de ustedes saben que es verdad lo que digo .

Revisado por L.C. • Fuente: Facebook • 21st Sep, 2020

Love this doctor been following him since 2017 and I’m going to be ready soon to schedule a consultation. My friend got her procedures here and said this doctor is the best. wonderful bedside manners staff so polite and caring. very transparent doctor according to her .

Revisado por T.W. • Fuente: Facebook • 11th Jun, 2020

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Cortes and his staff. His bedside manner was amazing and you can tell he genuinely takes pride in his craft. The end result was more than I could have expected and still to this day am amazed with his work ❤️

Revisado por S.L. • Fuente: Facebook • 16th Nov, 2019

I want to get rid of my tummy and again Hips and bums

Revisado por V.I. • Fuente: Facebook • 27th Abr, 2019

I had an hourglass tummy tuck last month, I don’t feel completely restored yet but things are getting better and there is progress. The surgery went on well, I needed the procedure to reconstruct my abdominal wall. The procedure took much longer than estimated, it was about four hours. I was very sick from the anesthesia, I threw up a lot but it got better before I left to get home. I felt very weak after the surgery, but the pain was not terrible, not like I read other people complaining on forums. My husband was by my bedside at every moment and maybe this made everything better and I didn’t feel when time passed. I had to keep the drain tubes longer that usually, at least this is what he doctor said, because there was drainage through them. This wasn’t pleasant at all because I had to sleep exclusively on the back and this was terrible for me.
When the sutures were removed, the scar opened a little but the doctor said it’s normal and it did close eventually, no infection or anything, but I was worried. I had to wear a girdle non stop, I just started wearing it only during the day and at first I thought it is too tight, but eventually turned up to be a good size. I didn’t like the idea with the girdle, is more uncomfortable that you can imagine and tight and I think the doctor should have explained this better because it is really a long time and you have to wear it non-stop even when you go to work and during the night. I had trouble sleeping the first few nights because of this.
Also, I expected to lose a bit more weight after the tummy tuck. I was not fat before the procedure, but I expected to drop a few pounds after the excess skin came off and with the lipo, but it was less than I thought. Anyway, the results are visible in centimeters and this is ok for me. Will wait and see how things are after a few more months. Overall I am satisfied with my results

Revisado por N.D. • Fuente: Facebook • 27th Abr, 2019

I’m 38 and two kids, I’ve always had small breasts but when breastfeeding I had for the first time something like more normal looking breasts. I was almost obsessed with the aspect of my breasts. In time I became an expert in push up bras, this after stuffing socks inside the bra as a teenager. I had bras with water pads, silicone pads, everything that was invented to make breasts bigger, I must have tried it. It looked good with the clothes on, but didn’t help at all when going to the beach and getting intimate with my partner. I was very firm about the bra staying on at all times, including during sex which many partners found weird. Anyway, I would make life choices like where I live, what I did for fun, what clothes to wear depending on the small size of my boobs. I tried pills after a friend said she had an improvement after a month of using them, but for me they didn’t do anything aside from accentuating my body hair which was terrible because I hate it. I am shy and emotional and didn’t think I have it in me to undergo plastic surgery but my mother was very supported and held my hand all the way.
When I met Dr. Cortes I was all sweaty and anxious, like I was planning a brain surgery. We discussed about my aesthetic issues and also my confidence issues and he suggested a surgical plan to help me. The name is wonder breast augmentation and he used gummy bear implants as these are apparently the best possible. From no chest at all, now I wear a D cup and I couldn’t be prouder. The clothes look different, I can go into any shop and there would be literally hundreds of options to choose from. Before nothing looked good and it was such a struggle to find clothes.
Dr. Cortes was amazing with me. When I saw the pics with patients he done surgery on I thought this is for others, not for me, but now I look exactly like that. With amazing breasts, perky, hot and just perfect. If you are shy and struggling with confidence issues, Dr. Cortes is the best choice. I felt understood and confident that he can really do the job.

Revisado por G.E. • Fuente: Facebook • 27th Abr, 2019

I got the best push up gift ever – new, bigger breasts. If you were ever jealous on the big rings that celebrities show off in the reality shows, you should see my boobs, it’s totally worth it! I was following Dr. Cortes on Instagram ever since I got pregnant because I knew that as soon as I gave birth I wanna see him to make some corrections 😊 I knew for sure I wanted lipo and bigger breasts. Even during pregnancy, my breasts stayed the same. I wore the same bra before, during and after I gave birth. Like absolutely no change, no milk, no nothing. Very frustrating, but no problem because it helped me get the surgery sooner.
I told my hubby that surgery is gonna happen as soon as possible and that this is my push up gift and he agreed and went with me to the appointment with doctor Cortes, three months after I gave birth. Doctor Cortes said it is still too early to schedule a breast augmentation, even if I am not breastfeeding because I might still experience weight loss. He urged me to wait at least six to eight months to get rid of all the baby weight because lipo is much more efficient when the patient is a normal weight. He said that if I was breastfeeding I should have waited at least eight, nine months after breastfeeding stopped. I was excited to get my new breasts, the best gift ever!!!!!!! I didn’t even feel the recovery period coming and going, I just wanted to see the results, I was on auto pilot all that time. I did what the doctor said and wore the post-op bra, did the belt and took Arnica Montana supplements and didn’t have any complications.
When my baby was one, I was already looking like the hottest momma ever, exactly like I wanted. And my breasts are to die for! It’s crazy what a little lipo on the tummy can do combined with the perfect implants. Now I take my baby to the park and everybody thinks I am the nanny because no new mother can look so hot!
Thank you doctor Cortes for your support and advice, everything was great and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If I can convince my hubby, I’m thinking about getting maybe some butt implants too in the future! Maybe as a cool bday gift!

Revisado por L.S. • Fuente: Facebook • 04th Abr, 2019

I wasn’t the regular patient, as Dr. Cortes said, I had the unfortune for my body to develop hypertrophic scars after the tummy tuck surgery I had with him and this have been quite difficult to manage. Dr Cortes has been very accommodating starting with the pre-operative consultation and until I was completely recovered and healed, but I realize that most patients are much more easy to manage than me.
I am happy now to be able to look at myself in the bathroom mirror when getting off the shower and admire my body, like really smile at myself and think I am hot. I have sex with the lights open and I actually enjoy my husband looking at me because now I like me too, so I understand how he can love my body.
Things were not like this before the tummy tuck. I was stressed out, frustrated, irritable, you name it. I wouldn’t show myself otherwise than fully dressed in front of my husband and I started wearing pijamas instead of my nighties so I don’t risk him seeing my tummy. If you ask me now, I would do the procedure ten times more to enjoy the results I have now, it was all worth it. But I would have given you a very different answer if you asked in the first three months post-op.
The recovery went all well, until I realized the incisions are not really ok. I wanted to see the dr sooner, but I didn’t want to overreact so I waited to see what happens and when I went in, it was apparently a bit late. I needed treatment for the incisions and they still don’t look as good as I have seen in other patients, but I guess it is my fault for waiting too long before seeing dr Cortes.

Revisado por S.K. • Fuente: Facebook • 24th Mar, 2019

If you never went to medical school and you want to know all the details about how a procedure is performed, you should go see doctor Cortes. The first meeting we had was a bit like a lecture at university, but targeted at me. I wanted a tummy tuck and maybe some lipo, he recommended the hourglass tummy tuck which also involves the fat collected with lipo to be reinjected into the hips. It sounded good in theory and I didn’t even know it is possible to do something about the hips, but I really like the idea to have a more curvaceous body. After we agreed this is the procedure that will help me get what I want, he started explaining everything that will happen during the surgery. And this is something that I wasn’t keen on. I am not the kind of woman that looks at videos with women giving birth all the way through pregnancy. I understand the general outline of what’s going to happen and it fine for me, I don’t need the specifics. I knew the hourglass entailed incisions, but I didn’t want to know what he will do after making it. It is just not me, makes me feel sick to my stomach all these details. I told him I don’t need to know every little thing that he will do during surgery and he insisted it is important to know what will happen to be. Well, I still don’t share this belief, but each to its own. I knew he is the best in the area and maybe the country for the tummy tucks, so I listened. Didn’t do much for me aside from making me a bit uncomfortable just imagining all the details.
I had the intervention on the 1st of February and two months later I didn’t have any swelling left and I could walk perfectly straight. It was actually during the follow up consultations that we become more friendly and I started to open up to him about my symptoms and how was my recovery.
If I had to do it all over again, I could still go see Dr. Cortes, my body really looks amazing and I had no complications or nasty side effects. And the hourglass tummy tuck is really such an incredible idea! Changed the shape of my body forever! I just hope the results last as long as possible.

Revisado por D.A. • Fuente: Facebook • 19th Mar, 2019

Dr Cortes can be a bit of an acquired taste, in my opinion. I saw him about two to three years ago for a consultation for abdominal lipo and I wasn’t impressed at all. I didn’t go through with the procedure, there were other things in my life, some under currents that starting manifesting and required all my attention. Seven months ago I realized my tummy and breasts will never be the same as before having kids. It also became more and more clear that abdominal lipo won’t cut it for me anymore. I needed to have the surgery done, I needed a big change in my life and I knew that it was this: me, my body, all of me. I don’t know why I haven’t looked for another doctor, maybe it was this urgency feeling that I needed to do things right now and I already knew Dr. Cortes.
Maybe because this time I was much more interested in getting the job done asap, the doctor was more into it too. Or it was just my opinion, I don’t know. But we connected much better this time and he also confirmed that I needed a tummy tuck and breast lift too. But he also mentioned that I will look spectacular after the surgery and he will do this procedure with fat to the hips and I’ll look like in the telenovelas which was one of my secret desires since forever but I thought you are either born with it or no, didn’t think you can get it from a plastic surgeon.
I had both tummy tuck and breast lift in one surgery, as the doctor said it will be safe and no problem, but the recovery period was difficult. For a week, it was both the breasts and tummy that were sore and I find it difficult even to sit down or lay in bed. The discomfort didn’t last for too long, but it made me really aware of my condition as a patient and now I think maybe the doctor should have insisted more on this aspect. I am not sure that I’ll ever want to get another surgery if I can avoid it, but I am not sorry for the procedures I had. My breasts look 20 years younger than my age and so is the tummy. So all in all in was good for me to do and
Dr. Cortes was a good choice for me.

Revisado por M.J. • Fuente: Facebook • 05th Feb, 2019

My daughter was five years old when she said she doesn’t want me to take her to a school event because I am the fattest mom and she prefers to go with her nana. I felt so bad especially because I know she didn’t mean to hurt me, but it stung like hell. I was severely overweight and I had difficulties doing certain things like lifting her in my arms or playing chasing games with her. I know she suffered too, but until that day I thought things are like they are and there is nothing to be done about it.
After this I had bariatric surgery, it was hard and painful, but I lost a lot of weight and this made it worth it. I reached a normal weight in about a year after the surgery and I thought I would be happy, but I wasn’t really. My body looked like an empty bag. There was so much skin left everywhere that I had to be very careful when choosing clothes as I had to hide the sagginess. I didn’t have intimacy issues when I was overweight, but after the weight loss and with all the skin, I didn’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of my partner and this really put a dent on our relationship. Just imagine I had to lift the skin flap that was covering my pubic area to clean under it when having a shower. I was close to depression when I saw a video with Dr. Cortes on Youtube by accident. I didn’t consider plastic surgery before, but he was saying something like “the skin doesn’t go away after weight loss, just the fat goes”. I knew he will understand me.
I had an hourglass tummy tuck with a thighs lift and a breast lift with implants. I was reluctant about the implants, but the doctor said they will look great and are not very big. The recovery after plastic surgery was a piece of cake compared to the recovery after bariatric surgery. It took a few months for the swelling to go away, but now, nine months after I had the procedure, I look exactly like in my dreams that I never had the courage to share.
My daughter is proud of my efforts, and me we can play whatever games she wants now and she keeps saying “my mommy is the most beautiful mommy”. I feel it was all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am just sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

Revisado por C.E. • Fuente: Facebook • 03rd Oct, 2018

My friend recommended him as she went for tummy tuck. After a long meeting I decided to get his services for Breast Augmentation. I was little bit scared but when he replied all my question my tension released. Highly recommended him

Revisado por O.N. • Fuente: Facebook • 11th Ago, 2018

Loved his work, love the new me, and I will go back with him if I need another procedure done in the future … And yes ladies I was brain washed by other ladies not to come here but I see his work on snap chat, instergtam and decided to do it and I’m one happy Client and I’m happy to know I didn’t listen to negative ladies, listen to the ladies that HAVE GOT done procedures by him Only and trust me you will be happy as me. DON’T the listen to ladies that say «I heard» as my experience I got a extended tummy tuck, liposuction on my stomach and liposuction on my back , fat transfer to my hips and from 1-10 I had maybe a #1 on less pain , I never took a pain pill he gave me , I just took over the counter regular pills, I was walking the 2nd day and 3rd day I was cleaning and cooking , a week later return to work as a nail tech , so I took his advice I was not sick so not to stay in bed ,, all day so I did listen .. now I’m 8 wop now going to the gym and very happy for my results , I lost 20lbs from one day to another . My profile is not fake if you would love to see pictures feel free to ask. Or any questions I’m here to help

Revisado por M.R. • Fuente: Facebook • 16th Jul, 2018

After discussion with various doctors/surgeons, I finally selected Dr Wilberto for Butt Augmentation. He knows his job and well experience. He made me comfortable and revealed all pros and cons. His bed side manner was awesome. Staff was supportive but they are too busy due to heavy rush of patients.

Revisado por L.S. • Fuente: Facebook • 30th Jun, 2018

Because he rocked my body out. M
I love it. 😍😍😍😍😍

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