El trabajo del Dr. Cortés puede solo explicarse mejor a través de cientos de revisiones de pacientes felices.

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Enq ciudad vive

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My procedure went very well and I’m now enjoying the results. The experience of undergoing this procedure with Dr. Cortes and his professional staff was excellent and I don’t have any complaints about it. I would highly recommend husband services to anyone.

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Undergoing the Tommy Tuck procedure with Dr. Cortes has been one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences in my life. I do appreciate Dr. Cortes and his experienced staff for taking care of me and providing the best services. I do recommend Dr. Cortes for anyone undergoing the procedure.

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Excelente profissional! Encantada com seu trabalho! Parabéns!

Revisado por B.W. • Fuente: Vitals • 10th Sep, 2016

The best thing besides dr Cortes amazing ability at what he does is the office’s responsiveness. After the surgery they sent periodic updates with reminders and instructions. There are quite a few follow ups and dr Cortes always comes in to check on you and check the process which is very reassuring. If I had any concerns they were very responsive and listened to my concerns and were very attentive. It’s been 2 weeks since my procedure so I’m still healing but so far it’s looking good!

Revisado por M.C. • Fuente: Facebook • 09th Sep, 2016

Excelente Doctor y todo su equipo!!! Todo el proceso de principio a fin, segunda vez que lo visitó y estoy muy feliz de los resultados!!

Revisado por S.P. • Fuente: Vitals • 09th Sep, 2016

My bbl was in July. So far my expectations have been nothing but exceptional. I’m beyond satisfied with my results. The only negative thing I have to say about the procedure is not being able to sit, but that comes with time. The results are worth it. I would definitely do it all over again. I highly recommend Dr. Cortes.

Revisado por I.H. • Fuente: Vitals • 27th Ago, 2016

I had the hourglass tummy tuck and it was the best decision I ever made including the Doctor I decided on… After struggling so many years with insecurities about my body, Dr. Cortez gave me the curves I’ve always dreamed of having. To be honest the recovery is a little tough the first few weeks but I am now 3 months post op and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life!

Revisado por N.J. • Fuente: Google • 08th Ago, 2016

I had a great experience and I love my results. The staff is very helpful. Dr Cortes is a very nice surgeon. His nurses are nice and have a lot of knowledge. My scare is very clean and nice. I recommend you give him a try. His price was cheaper than most surgeons in the city. I got lipo on my arms back and stomach and fat injections in my face along with and TT and fat transfer to the hips.

Revisado por T.T. • Fuente: Vitals • 08th Ago, 2016

My experience was great and I love my results

Revisado por I.G. • Fuente: Vitals • 01st Ago, 2016

I am so glad that some of my friends told me about Dr. Cortes. I finally have curves in the right places. Dr. Cortes and his staff were very helpful and professional before, during, and after having my procedure done. I feel like they are truly concerned about me, instead of just being another patient. I will definitely refer others to him, and may be back for more myself.

Revisado por I.L. • Fuente: Vitals • 23rd Jul, 2016

I loved my experience with Dr. Cortes and his staff. They made me feel comfortable with the big step I was taking. Im excited for whats to come. I will be referring… Thank you Dr. Cortes

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Excelente felicitaciones muy interesante siga así es muy bueno dios lo acompañe siempre

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Me encanta es muy profreccionl. Que Dios le bendiga sus manos. Me gustaría ser su paciente.

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Muy Excelente trabajo pero las mujeres deberían toma conciencia Mis respetos que soportan el dolor después de la cirugía

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