El trabajo del Dr. Cortés puede solo explicarse mejor a través de cientos de revisiones de pacientes felices.

Revisado por B.B. • Fuente: Vitals • 01st Oct, 2012

I am so happy with my amazing results.Dr.Cortes’s integrity is the essence of everything succesful,he will emphasize in perfection.My reshaping is a remarkable piece of art.He is a professional with gifted hands that give extraordinary results.I have been using a plastic surgeon in Corpus Christi.Tx.for several procedures, but now Dr. Cortes is my surgeon and will highly recommend him, as he was recommended to me.

Revisado por L.H. • Fuente: Vitals • 20th Sep, 2012

I went to Dr. Cortes for a breast reduction, and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with my outcome. The thing I was worried most about for the surgery in general was the «anchor » scar. Well, Dr. Cortes doesn’t make the anchor scar in his surgery. I knew immediately I had to do the surgery with him. The thing that I am satisfied most with the surgery is the shape of the breasts. It’s like I have implants! This surgery has completely changed my life and I am pain free!

Revisado por A.L. • Fuente: Vitals • 30th Ago, 2012

If you are looking for a Dr. that has talent,cares and listens, you are on the right path. Dr. Cortes is fabulous!!!! I highly recommend him to everyone that is interested in having cosmetic surgery done,can’t go wrong….results are amazing!!!

Revisado por A.D. • Fuente: Vitals • 17th Ago, 2012

I researched for a doctor about 6 months it’s hard to make a decision like this. After consulting with Dr. Cortes my mind was made up that I had chosen the right doctor for my surgery. I was very nervous about this surgery but he and his staff put me at ease. His staff is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone.

Revisado por B.A. • Fuente: Vitals • 14th Ago, 2012

If you have been considering a cosmetic procedure, I would definitely recomment Dr. Cortes and his staff. They make you feel so comfortable from your first visit all the way thru your recovery. I never felt like I was just a patient. I feel like a member of the family. My friends and family have said how great I look and I FEEL GREAT! I am proud of my new look and I have Dr. Cortes to thank for it.

Revisado por I.A. • Fuente: Vitals • 18th Jul, 2012

I am very happy with Dr Cortes he is the best Dr… The results was more than I was expecting.Dr. Cortes and his staff all have been wonderful. He did a good job I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my surgery.I would definitely recommend Dr. Cortes

Revisado por I.V. • Fuente: Vitals • 19th Abr, 2012

I’m very happy with the results he did an excellent job.

Revisado por D.C. • Fuente: Vitals • 09th Mar, 2012

Dr. Cortes is very attentive and professional!

Revisado por T.D. • Fuente: Vitals • 28th Feb, 2012

The Dr. cortes is a very good Dr. i’m very happy with my tomy track, i’m look more sexy. thanks too dr. cortes

Revisado por V.H. • Fuente: Vitals • 17th Feb, 2012

I would definitely recommend Dr. Cortes if you are planning to improve your look. He is extremely knowledgable and skilled. His attentiveness to detail is evident in the results and the follow up attention is above my expectations. Even almost a year after the procedure he continues to show concern questions and excitement for my results. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Revisado por B.A. • Fuente: Vitals • 15th Feb, 2012

Dr.Cortes <> He did a good job I am very happy and satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation because they look very natural, also the doctor and his staff made me feel very confident and sure I was in good hands:)

Revisado por D.I. • Fuente: Vitals • 12th Feb, 2012

Dr.wilberto is an excellent plastic surgeon !!!!!!!

Revisado por G.J. • Fuente: Vitals • 27th Ene, 2012

I am very happy with Dr Cortes he is the best Dr ever. I was so scared but he made me feel better. I am only 19 and he made sure i was happy with his job and most important felt safe thanks Dr.

Revisado por V.H. • Fuente: Vitals • 24th Ene, 2012

I am very pleased with the procedure that Dr. Cortes performed. The results was more than I was expecting. Dr. Cortes and his staff all have been wonderful. I have recommended Dr. Cortes to relatives.

Revisado por A.I. • Fuente: Vitals • 23rd Ene, 2012

All I can say about this doctor is he is a great surgeon. I like that he left the scar hardly visible. So , if you want to get surgery on anything , he’s the one you would want to go to.

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