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Revisado por I.A. • Fuente: Vitals • 27th May, 2020

Dr. Cortes did the hourglass tummy tuck on me. I am very pleased with my results. I chose Dr Cortes because he does not do the “ boxy” tummy tuck like some of the other surgeons. His technique of liposuction of back and flanks helps to define waistline and gives the hourglass silhouette. My tummy tuck recover was remarkable. My incisions healed well. My belly button is perfect. I didn’t have to do the marble or earplug trick like some blogs suggest. I would recommend Dr. Cortes to anyone who asks!

Revisado por T.D. • Fuente: Vitals • 24th May, 2020

I was recently divorced and just moved back to Houston to be closer to my family after what was a very abusing and toxic relationship that lasted over a decade. I felt old and without any energy and everybody wondered what happed to the vibrant girl that left the city because she certainly never returned. I founded dr. Cortes online, looking at before and after pics with tummy tucks. I saw straight away that it was something different that he was doing because his patients looked completely different after the surgery and much, much better. I thought I should give it a try, I had some money, so why not?
Dr. Cortes is a very nice person and a very knowledgeable and talented surgeon. He gave me a lot of indications about what would be good for me, considering my lifestyle, goals and anatomy and in the end we settled on an hourglass tummy tuck. The surgery was done two and a half months later and it took about the same time to see the final results. I was in pain for a few days post-op, but no other complications, so all was good. Dr. Cortes made the correct assessment about what I needed, even if I was a bit reluctant about the fat to the hips since I considered my hips are pretty wide as they were. The results are very good, I am happy with everything and the surgery made me feel better. I feel more like my old self now. I was all bubbly and happy and now I am getting closer and closer to the old me and further away from the woman that was abused and kept in a corner for so long. Plastic surgery with dr. Cortes gave me the opportunity to start life anew, close to my family and my real friends, thank you dr. Cortes!

Revisado por H.R. • Fuente: Vitals • 22nd May, 2020

Cortez, it the best! Hey really knows how to sculpt the body, his employees are the best. They walked me through the process of my operation and comforted me till the end! I 100% recommend this doctor!

Revisado por A. • Fuente: Vitals • 22nd May, 2020

Dr Cortez is the best! He really knows how to sculpt the body! And his employees are the best, the walked me thru the process of my operation and comforted me till the end! I highly recommend going to him!

Revisado por B.D. • Fuente: Vitals • 17th May, 2020

Something that I will never forget about my tummy tuck with dr. Cortes was how worried I was just before the procedure and how he handled the situation and made me feel better and positive. His staff is also incredible and it was a real deal for me to be helped by people so nice. I told him that I will recommend him to all my friends and all the people I know because he is just so talented and his work is phenomenal. Dr. Cortes is the surgeon you want on your team when you are not happy with the aspect of your body and you want a doctor to do miracles and give you the nice looking body back. I had fat deposits and saggy skin after two pregnancies, now I look like a virgin, if you know what I mean!

Revisado por B.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 10th May, 2020

Office immaculate, staff super friendly, and the dr listens to every concern you have. What can i say, it was an enjoyable dr visit!

Revisado por P. • Fuente: Vitals • 03rd May, 2020

I love Dr.Cortes I have been a patient for 1 year now and my experience with him is always phenomenal. He always listens to me and will do the necessary test to get to the bottom of the issue. His office is far from my house so sometimes when I have a question regarding my health issue, I call his office and he calls me back and makes sure everything is going well and guides me in the right direction. I highly recommend him.

Revisado por P.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 26th Abr, 2020

Plastic surgery made easy and affordable and even fun, this is how I would say my experience with Dr.. Cortes was. I had a breast augmentation with him and the second procedure was an hourglass hip procedure. Both interventions went on just fine, the pain was more intense after the boob job, but he prescribed medication and offered lots of support and advices and got through it well. The hourglass hip procedure was much more easy and the results are stunning. It completely changed how I look and also how I feel about myself. Now I can say I have a body that I am proud of and I don’t bat an eyelash when checking out magazines with beautiful celebrities because now I feel that I look like one of them and I could be on the cover too 😊

Revisado por P.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 19th Abr, 2020

To be honest, the fact that I looked at least 20 years younger after the surgery probably made all the difference in me getting the job I have now and being so in control of my life. The breakup it was hard to take, but with the surgery I kept busy and then looking for a job. It was a roller coaster, but I came out of it smiling and looking better than ever. My ex thought I got the surgery with the money he pays for child support and this is so funny

Revisado por B.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 11th Abr, 2020

Before the consultation with dr. Cortes I didn’t know how my surgery will be and I was kind of worried because it is surgery after all and the tummy tuck didn’t seem like such a simple procedure. But during the consultation, dr. Cortes walked me through the whole process from top to bottom and told me what could happen and when, when should I get worried and what to do. This helped me a lot in understanding everything and I eventually scheduled and had the surgery. The recovery was smoother than expected and in about a month I was back doing my thing, just like before the surgery. I know the results achieved with the procedure are different from patient to patient, but my body is completely changed and truly amazing after the hourglass tummy tuck. It was the best decision ever and I am so happy now, I never thought it is possible.

Revisado por B.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 11th Abr, 2020

Getting my breasts done by dr. Cortes literally changed my life for the better. It was something that I was looking to do for many years, but never found the time or the money and after my divorce I finally had both the time and money and could eventually pursue my long time dream. I was considering going to Thailand for my surgery as some friend recommended, but I was worried about the long trip back home. Now I know it would have been a mistake and what I had with dr. Cortes was much better. Travelling too soon after an hourglass tummy tuck can be tricky, especially on the plane. Dr. Cortes prescribed pills and wanted to check up on my condition regularly and also told me to call the practice in case something occurs that we haven’t discussed or I don’t feel well. Highly recommended and I can’t wait for my next procedure with him!

Revisado por P.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 04th Abr, 2020

Before having my consultation with dr. Cortes I always thought tha
t plastic surgery is not for real people with real jobs, and real husband and real kids and responsibilities and a limited budget that stretches thin at the end of each month. I though it is just like trips to Europe, something that only a few can afford and enjoy, and I didn’t feel like a part of that group. This was until my younger sister, who financially was in a much darker place than us, got her new boobs with dr. Cortes. I was like wow, this is not possible, where did you get the money and wow. I wowed for a whole week before I understood that now plastic surgery is kinda affordable, if you find a good plastic surgeon and you plan it right and it can do wonders for the self-esteem. A few months after the surgery my sister landed her dream job out of nowhere, like literally out of nowhere and we couldn’t place it on anything else but her change of attitude and her new found self confidence. My husband supported me and told me I should go for it and get rid of the pregnancy marks that were left on my body and I went in full force.
Dr. Cortes is really good and he said that lipo on the lower back will also make my buttocks look bigger, which is something I always wanted. I got the hourglass tummy tuck with him and some lipo on the back and now I look incredible. In perspective, the surgery was definitely not cheap and I would have never be able to afford it if I’d have to pay it up straight, but with the payment plans presented I found something that we could afford and got it.

Revisado por D.C. • Fuente: Vitals • 31st Mar, 2020

What was really special about my experience with dr. Cortes was that it made me feel valued and important in a time when I felt everything but this. I was during a divorce that didn’t seem to ever end but just sucked all the life force out of me, day after day. I was in a bad place, feeling bad and unwanted. Undergoing plastic surgery was the best thing I did for me and probably the only thing that actually did manage to get me out of the dark place and heading towards the light. The recovery was ok, but took about three months after my hourglass tummy tuck with breast implants, but it was not bad. After the surgery I got the courage to be myself and do what I wanted and never looked back ever since. Now I’m sure my ex regrets his decisions, but I certainly don’t regret mine!

Revisado por P.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 29th Mar, 2020

My story with plastic surgery and dr. Cortes is very funny. The doctor practically saved me from myself and my belief that there is nothing that can be changed at my body after four pregnancies, not even with plastic surgery. Dr. Cortes was patient and understanding to my needs and he listened to my reasons for seeing him. He wasn’t in a hurry to recommend this procedure or the other and I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me services. It was a normal doctor patient conversation that took place after I told him why I am there and what I’d like to achieve with the surgery.
Lucky for me, all my dreams were possible to become true with the help of dr. Cortes. Before seeing him I checked online the work of other surgeons and it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for a tummy tuck, but all I found was patients with a flat and firm tummy, but the shape of the body and their overall anatomy was not much improved. I mean I wanted a flat tummy too, but it felt like it is just too much money to pay just for this and no other improvement at the level of the midline because those patients didn’t have smaller waists at all. I wanted a small waist, and a nice body shape if I was to undergo surgery. Otherwise, no point in doing so, even if it meant living with my saggy tummy forever. But when I saw the results dr. Cortes achieves with his procedure, I knew there is hope for me if he does the intervention. My hourglass tummy tuck was a success and now I have the shape of the body that I was looking for and also flat tummy.

Revisado por B.P. • Fuente: Vitals • 29th Mar, 2020

The best thing about doctor Cortes is that he kept me away from making a big mistake that could have lead to many complications after. Before I met doctor Cortes, I saw another surgeon and he agreed to do my breast augmentation with 650 ccs implants. I wanted to have breasts just like my friend, just that perfect size, she got 650 ccs and I thought the same should be good for me too, considering the fact that we are about the same height. I didn’t go through with the surgery with the other doctor because my sister has worked in a plastic surgery clinic for a while and when I told her what my plans are she said that 650 ccs is huge for me and no doctor in his right mind would give me implants this big. This made me think and I thought getting a second opinion won’t hurt. I ended up seeing doctor Cortes for a consultation and he made me try sizers to understand what I wanted. It felt so strange and the implants were so big. To give you an idea, I am tall, but slim with a very narrow back. Doctor Cortes said no way, he won’t do more than 450 ccs on me and this is huge as it is. After I realized my mistake I asked him what would he do if he were me and he said 375 ccs would look perfect.
I am now happy I met him and followed his recommendations, I got the smaller implants and my breasts look amazing now. They are just the right size and they don’t make my back hurt which I heard is very common with women who get implants that are too big for them. I am grateful for meeting doctor Cortes and I have avoided health issues later.

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