El trabajo del Dr. Cortés puede solo explicarse mejor a través de cientos de revisiones de pacientes felices.

Revisado por A.I. • Fuente: Vitals • 01st Nov, 2020

All involved we’re efficient.. friendly..caring..prompt

Revisado por I.H. • Fuente: Vitals • 25th Oct, 2020

I have been wanting to have a bbl augmentation or butt implant for about 10 years but I am very scared. I did lots of research and consultation and look the before and after photos on the Dr’s website but Dr Wilberto Cortes has the best before and after photos results and watch lots of his video in YuTube and Facebook! So decided to choose him. My Pre-Op is going to be on Jan 05, 2021 and surgery is Jan 08, 2021! Very excited and at the same time very nervous! I will be doing another review after the surgery! Patient coordinator Jane is very professional and answer e-mails promptly which is a plus! 😁

Revisado por F.M. • Fuente: Facebook • 17th Oct, 2020

Very bad service, the doctor never answers the calls, even if you are literally dying. For some reason after surgery some bumps appeared in my tummy were the surgery was performed , he administered some injections saying that it will fix it, nothing happened, try many times to contact him but he never answered or returned my calls, the reason of my many calls is because I traveled from Arkansas to have surgery with, so before I scheduled an appointment I wanted to let him know about it and see if he want me to see me, but instead they told me if I had any questions I have to travel to have a consultation with the doctor. I suffered a blood clot in my lung and he knew about it , but he never call or check on me at least once. This doctor does not care much about his patients about after-surgery. The only one who cared about me, was her assistant Ingrid. She is a nice person. I have to have another surgery again to remove those bumps. Thank God I found a good doctor who helped me and care all the way. Many of you know, that what I say is true.

Muy mal servicio el doctor nunca contesta las llamadas aunque uno se esté literalmente muriendo. Se me hicieron unas bolas en el estómago a causa de unas inyecciones que me puso el. Y nunca atendió a mis llamadas varias ocasiones quise hablar con el porque yo viaje desde Arkansas a operarme con el y cualquier consulta que yo tenia solo me decían tiene que viajar tener una consulta con el doctor. Aparte como que al doctor no le importan mucho sus pacientes. Se me fue un coágulo al pulmón y ni siquiera me hablo para saber si estaba bien yo. La única que se preocupó por mi fue su asistente Ingrid. Ella si es una linda persona. Ahora me tuvieron que volver a operar para quitarme esas bolas que me salieron. Gracias a Dios encontré un buen doctor que me ayudó. Muchas de ustedes saben que es verdad lo que digo .

Revisado por T.O. • Fuente: Vitals • 01st Oct, 2020

This office is superb! You are greeted with a smile at the front, and service throughout the entire office is like no other. I have had mommy makeover

Revisado por B.P. • Fuente: Vitals • 29th Sep, 2020

Dr.Cortes is hands down the best plastic surgeon! 90 days ago I had a Hourglass Tummy Tuck done to remove excess skin from a previous surgery. The recovery was amazing and my scars healed very well. My new tummy is beautiful…. Don’t hesitate, book your consultation today, you will not be disappointed.

Revisado por L.C. • Fuente: Facebook • 21st Sep, 2020

Love this doctor been following him since 2017 and I’m going to be ready soon to schedule a consultation. My friend got her procedures here and said this doctor is the best. wonderful bedside manners staff so polite and caring. very transparent doctor according to her .

Revisado por P.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 10th Ago, 2020

Good surgeon very experienced and knows his job.

Revisado por D.C. • Fuente: Vitals • 27th Jul, 2020

Dr Cortes and his team make you feel like family from the get go. Great bed side manners. He knows exactly what he is doing, making hourglass body dolls. He made a better version of me and I’m loving it. Thank you Dr. Cortes & team.

Revisado por I.D. • Fuente: Vitals • 23rd Jul, 2020

I don’t have any words to describe how absolutely phenomenal Dr Cortes and his team are! He is not only a surgeon, but an artist. I spent FIVE years doing my research for my buttock implant procedure, and traveled all the way from MA to TX to have my procedure done. He is very honest and upfront about results and what to expect, and I was always treated like gold by him and his staff (Jane and Jennifer are the two people I worked most closely with). Being from out of state, it means a lot that they always make themselves available by phone or email if I have questions / concerns. I am about 1 month post op now and I still can’t pass by a mirror without looking at the amazing body that Dr. Hourglass gave me! I am already planning my second procedure 🙂

Revisado por G.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 13th Jul, 2020

When I first saw dr. Cortes I believed he will make me look better, but I didn’t imagine how good the results will be. Now I understand why everyone recommends him and after the surgery I am among them too. Dr. Cortes and his staff are all very professional and good people, I never felt like he was trying to sell more services than needed or felt like a customer instead of a patient. I had plastic surgery before and I got used to the idea of customer, but with dr. Cortes everything was different. He also gets involved in the recovery process and you are always looked after and taken care of if complications occur. I liked it a lot to work with them and from now on dr. Cortes will be my surgeon if I need more work done. He is kind and professional and the best dr. in my opinion.

Revisado por T.T. • Fuente: Vitals • 06th Jul, 2020

Before the consultation with dr. Cortes I didn’t know how my surgery will be and I was kind of worried because it is surgery after all and the tummy tuck didn’t seem like such a simple procedure. But during the consultation, dr. Cortes walked me through the whole process from top to bottom and told me what could happen and when, when should I get worried and what to do. This helped me a lot in understanding everything and I eventually scheduled and had the surgery. The recovery was smoother than expected and in about a month I was back doing my thing, just like before the surgery. I know the results achieved with the procedure are different from patient to patient, but my body is completely changed and truly amazing after the hourglass tummy tuck. It was the best decision ever and I am so happy now, I never thought it is possible.

Revisado por B.D. • Fuente: Vitals • 22nd Jun, 2020

best doctor in houston highly recommended

Revisado por B.B. • Fuente: Vitals • 15th Jun, 2020

I scheduled and rescheduled the consultation with Dr. Cortes for like three times. I so wanted to get the Brazilian butt lift, but I was afraid of the patient. My sister told me to just have the consultation and talk to the doctor about my fears and if I am not comfortable, I don’t have to get through with it. After the first ten minutes with doctor Cortes I knew I will be ok to have the surgery. He explained that the BBL is less invasive compared to the butt implants and the results are all natural, few and rare post-op complications and the pain is not so intense because the muscles are not sectioned like when the butt implants are inserted. He gave me so much confidence, it was like I could have got the surgery immediately! I was scheduled two months and a half from the time of the consultation, dr. Cortes is booked months in advance, but for me it was ok. He explained that it is not possible to get the surgery immediately, I needed to do blood tests and prepare a little.
The surgery day was ok, nothing special to report, not too much pain or anything. After I got home I struggled a bit with sleeping on the tummy and getting off the bed without help, but I got used to it in a few days. I had some questions about showing and cleaning the area so I called Janiris, the office manager, you won’t believe how kind and professional are these people, I absolutely adore them!
I’m grateful I met doctor Cortes and he did my BBL. I was scared of the surgery and I think that if I would have had the consultation with another doctor I would have never gone through with the procedure. Dr. Cortes is easy to trust and rely on because he is so friendly and experienced. So if you have a fear of pain, doctors and hospitals in general, try doctor Cortes and you’ll be ok.

Revisado por T.W. • Fuente: Facebook • 11th Jun, 2020

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Cortes and his staff. His bedside manner was amazing and you can tell he genuinely takes pride in his craft. The end result was more than I could have expected and still to this day am amazed with his work ❤️

Revisado por D.C. • Fuente: Vitals • 31st May, 2020

There is no doubt about how experienced dr. Cortes is and this you can easily see after a quick check online. What I didn’t know about him is how many patients come see him from abroad, and even Europe. The funny thing is that I live in Houston, but he was recommended by one of my sister’s friends who lives in the UK. Like wow, how is this even possible. But he came highly recommended to her too, so she didn’t hesitate to get the hourglass tummy tuck with him, and I also did the same. The results are stunning and speak for themselves. Even my scar is smaller than the one I had after the c-section and much better looking. Dr. Cortes is a very good doctor, have a consultation with him and see for yourself.

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